The OILKLEEN® GREEN MACHEEN™ patent-pending electrostatic filter works on principles of physics, creating 18 static energy fields. The contaminated oil is forced through these fields at a specific rate. The energy from the fields pulls the contamination particles out of the oil. Contaminant particles bond to the millions of sharp edges in our collection media inside the OILKLEEN® filter cartridge.

What are the benefits of electrostatic oil filtration
+ Electrostatic filters prevent varnish and oxidation by removing sub-micron particles.
   Mechanical filtration can’t remove sub-micron particles, so oxidation and varnish still occur.
    + Eliminate servo valve trips
    + Eliminate varnish and sludge
    + Eliminate component failure
    + Increase lubricant life
    + Reduce downtime
    + Electrostatic filtration has a wide range of applications and benefits.
    For more information contact an OILKLEEN® filtration specialist.






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