"The Right Solution” By Long Win Thai Co., Ltd
 We are Specialized in Lubrication Systems so we are committed to provide the Right Solution   that will   improve client ‘s machinery reliability, increase production up time, and reduce life   cycle cost of their equipment asset. We will apply industry leader ‘s best practice technology in   our solution to increase   mechanical integrity. Our competitive, reliable, safe and dependable   services will exceed our customer   satisfaction.

 About Long Win Thai       The Founder of Long Win Thai group founded the holding company   way back in 1965 and has incorporated Long Win Thai Co.,Ltd in 1991 during the 2nd phase of   petrochemical industry   boom in the eastern  seaboard of Thailand.

 We realized that these capital oriented investment industry such as petrochemical, pulp &   paper, power plant and steel mill are depending on the availability and reliability of process   rotating equipment to perform best performance especially when the product margin is in the   favor of manufacturer cycle.

 As long as Lubrication related problem is eliminated or minimized, the plant personnel can   narrow their focus on few category of problem and giving them extra time to think of   improvement rather than day to day problem solving on a random and repeat machinery failure.


Long Win Thai provide the Right Solution to improve machinery reliability, and reduce cost of ownership of rotating machinery. We apply the industry leader best practice by implement proven technology, safe and dependable services to your asset.

Our technologies, equipment, inventory, engineering team, management know how and highly qualified field services team are always available to serve you to meet your production and maintenance objective.Application of Product Centralized Lubrication System: LubriMist® Centralized Oil Mist Lubrication System

Long Win Thai Co., Ltd is appointed by Lubrication Systems Company as regional Sales and Service in Asia Pacific. Our full Service Capability start from providing on site consulting services, conduct plant site survey for system sizing, engineering design, budget estimate, investment justification, installation and maintenance of the system.

Our Regional team are professional marketer, Professional Engineer, and technician with experience of more than 15 years in successfully implement Centralized Oil Mist Lubrication System in major Refining and Petrochemical industry in the Asia region.

Our key customer are the industry leader such as PTT Group , Petronas, Formosa Group, GS Caltex, Hyundai Oil Bank, S-Oil, BP, PTT Chemical, Thai Oil, Tuntex, Siam Cement Group, Exxonmobil and Shell. The technology is widely use in major industry player for the following application.

+ Centrifugal Pump, Electric Motor, General Purpose Steam Turbine
+ Induced Draft Fan, Force Draft Fan & Fin Fan Air Cooler
+ Cooling Tower Gear Box
+ Sundyne Pump
+ Roller
+ Warehouse Storage Equipment Preservation & New Project Construction Yard Preservation

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